Bluffing in Limit Poker

Bluffing in limit poker is not easy. In a no limit poker game, a player can put another player’s entire stack at risk, which is a fearsome proposition. In limit, opponents know exactly the maximum that they can possibly lose. Still, there are ways to bluff in limit poker.

Limit Poker Bluffing Tip 1: Set Up Your Bluff

If you and an opponent have been checking the whole way and you throw in a bet on the river, your opponent would really have to have absolutely nothing not to call you. If multiple players are still in the hand, you can bet one will look you up.

If a player bets on the river and you put in a raise, your opponent will almost call you. If you’re going to bluff, you have to commit to it all the way. Bet/raise the flop, bet/raise the turn. If you’ve been betting the whole way, you’re much more likely to take down the pot with a bet on the river.

Limit Poker Bluffing Tip 2: Play Higher Limits

The higher the limit, the more likely a bluff is to work. To some extent, this is because more money is involved. However, everyone plays to the level of his or her comfort (or discomfort). A $25 bet may mean as much or as little to one person as a $2 bet does to another.

However, players in higher stakes games are often better players. They are more likely to respect a raise and not throw in a call “to gamble.” At a $1/$2 game, multiple players will be chasing to the river and it will be nearly impossible to get someone off a hand.