Citadel Casinos

Citadel Casinos consist of about fifty casinos, physically located in the United States and Canada. They are becoming very popular amongst players who want to load their casino bank account but do not have a checking account or other banking services. The Citadel Commerce Systems is just like any other banking system except the fact that it is an online banking service. It makes it easier for players to fund their casino bank accounts with a guaranteed banking system.

Citadel Casinos offer all their clients an assured privacy when it comes to their online banking information. The casinos such as honor Citadel Commerce make sure that the player’s information is kept private with complete security. They offer great customer service that is made available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Players can get an electronic transfer of funds of up to $1,500 within a seven day period. The Citadel Casinos know that Citadel Commerce will put a deposit into the player’s bank account within a seven-day period so this makes it much easier for the players to get casino credit. In order to make it even simpler for both the casinos and the players, a traditional credit card is issued, with the players being able to use this credit card to make their deposit when necessary.

Most online casinos prefer the use of a credit card or an e-wallet card because of the ease of making a deposit. The deposits are always insured by the bank; at least this is the case with Citadel Casinos, when it comes to online players. The cards are highly honored in the United States and in Canada. Many of the players like the very fact that their credit card is quickly accepted at the Citadel Casinos without any fuss. They can enjoy playing the games and getting any bonuses that are offered.

When a player first signs up at a Citadel Casino they are entitled to bonus credit from the casino. In some Citadel Casinos, this could mount up to thousands of dollars. The bonuses may exceed farther than the first deposit into several deposits beyond. The players may use their own money altogether with those bonuses that the casino made available for them. When they are winners they do not need to worry about collecting their cash. The casino will make the deposit of winnings back into the players Citadel Commerce account.

Many players know that they can withdraw their cash money from an ATM machine. This makes collecting the winnings really effortless. In addition, the player can deposit a check electronically right into their casino account if they like. The check is usually accepted by Citadel Casinos with the player having to wait only a short period of time; almost instantly he is eligible to play in the game rooms. The games are all made easily available to all the players. You can use your casino credits to play the slot machines or you can use your credits to enter into any of the tournaments that a Citadel Casino might have to offer. Enjoy the action with Citadel Casinos!