Free Spins

Free spins are also called free spins, precisely because it is free to play slot machines with them. You can get free casino free spins at the same time as you become a customer of an online casino . Casino free spins are the casino’s way of attracting new players, in that they can try to play. This is an effective way for the casinos to offer a taste of what it is like to be a customer with them. At the same time, it is a very good offer for you as a casino player. There are no disadvantages to casino free spins, only benefits. And this is exactly what makes free casino spins the most popular bonus method available at casinos.

Online casino gives you through our partners more opportunities to get free spins. Free spins are most often obtained on certain slot machines. The casino has thus selected a slot machine that applies to the offer of free spins. Sometimes you can get the opportunity to choose to use your free spins on different slot machines, but as a rule they apply to a selected one. The number of free casino spins also varies. Most often you can get between 10-25 free spins. But sometimes there are some great offers where you can get 100 or 200 free spins.

Free casino spins can, as we have already gone through, be offered for different slot machines and in different numbers. They can also be offered on different terms. For example, you can get free casino spins once you have registered as a customer in a casino. There is no further requirement for consideration, and this is what is called free spins no deposit. Free spins no deposit is the English term for deposit free free spins. It is extremely popular with free spins no deposit for the obvious reason that one does not need to deposit money to play. There are also free casino spins that you only get when you have made a deposit.

The point of this is to get a good start on the casino. Free casino spins act as a small welcome bonus. Free spins when registering without a deposit requirement work in the same way, but also give the player the opportunity to try the casino first. This is something many people prefer. If you have won money with free casino spins, you must be aware that there may be wagering requirements before you can withdraw the money. This wagering requirement is set up by the casino to protect them from abusing their free spin offers. The wagering requirement is often about 30 times the amount won. If you have won 1,000, you will thus have to turn over 30,000 kroner. Sometimes this can be easy, and sometimes difficult. This depends on how much luck you have. By turnover is meant that if you lose 100 kroner and then win 100 kroner immediately after, then you are thus up to a turnover of 200. Be aware that it is not always the case that all the games in the casino are included in the wagering requirement for the money you have won with your free casino spins.