Future of Iphones & Ipads is here with 3D technology

Apple, well known by its name only is one of the biggest brands of electronics and technology. Well renowned for their marvelous products like Ipod, Ipad, etc., have now decided to launch the concept of 3D and its related products in the market. As we are aware of the fact that Apple designs all of its products by itself the same is going to be the case for the 3D products as well. Starting from the small spare hardware and peripherals to the sophisticated design, internal architecture, operating system and the software, everything will be designed and build by the research and development department of the Apple itself.

To accomplish this project, Apple has started recruiting specialist in computer vision with a Ph.D degree in physics, mathematics and computer science. By the plan and estimation provided by Apple, it is clear beyond doubt that they are damn serious about this project as far as the time line is concerned. They have planned to invest a healthy number of resources in order to meet their estimated timeline at the earliest. Also we know that Apple would never let is quality fall, hence the pressure on the research and development team will be tremendous since they are expected to keep time line at the quality at par.

In order to strengthen the research work of their project, Apple has also acquired the C3 technologies in last October. C3 technologies is a specialist in 3D mappings hence their internal research works and delivered project information might help Apple to speed up their work. This is basically for the resource who will be working on the integration part of 3D maps to the Ios. Sometimes back we had a modification in the maps of Google that were being displayed on the applications of Apple Iphotos. This can be considered as an example of introduction of 3D mapping and localization.

For the recent past few years 3d has been a very popular choice of the public for availing various entertaining services like music, games, videos, etc. the increasing popularity is not only limited to the electronic devices like iPhone, Ipod, Ipad etc. it has also occupied an important place in the world of televisions. Now-a-days, 3D televisions have also gained much popularity due to which Apple is now trying to invent something like 3Dslide which would be designed especially for the Iphones. Hope this project of Apple ends up with a great success and we might experience another good quality of technology.