Gambling Etiquette and Table Civilities

Anyone who’s never before played on any casino table game should be well aware that there are certain rules of decorum that players observe when playing their games. Etiquette and gambling protocol are pretty basic to any player and beginners are expected to learn these along with the rules of a particular table game they would like to participate in.

A good way to learn the ins and outs of a casino is to ask for gaming instructions. But if you want to learn etiquette and table civilities you should rather read on. One practical way to learn the protocols that are applied in a particular game is to just watch people as they play. To further help out, we’ve also made a list of a few things beginners should know about gambling etiquette.

Gambling etiquette rule number one – understand the game rules before sitting down to play. You’re not a baby and will not be tolerated as one. When you sit down, everyone, including the other players expect that you are familiar with the game rules. If you’re not sure of them, you shouldn’t expect the dealer to help out every single time.

Gambling etiquette rule number two – know when to buy in. When you sit down to play in a casino table game, you’re first act is to buy in. You should only buy in your casino chips when the game is at the stage where it is in between hands. If a hand is still in play, then just sit down and buy in casino chips when it is over.

Gambling etiquette rule number three – know the chips when you buy in. Don’t be surprised if the dealer asks you the denomination of chips you would like to have your money changed to. Usually, red chips will be worth five dollars, 25 dollars are for green chips, and the black casino chips will be used to represent 100 dollars.

Gambling etiquette rule number four – cashing out. The dealer will have you trade your smaller denomination chips for larger ones. You can also hand the dealer neatly arranged stacks of chips to change in between hands so as to save time.

Gambling etiquette rule number five – know when to touch your cards. Usually, if the cards are dealt to you face down (like in blackjack) you are allowed to touch them, but if they are dealt face up you’re not permitted to touch or handle the cards.

Gambling etiquette rule number six – gambling and drinking don’t mix. Drunken gamblers are really much worse than new players.

Gambling etiquette rule number seven – keep your commentary to yourself. Never comment on how another player does his game at the table. There’s never a room for foul language in any casino.

These are rather easy and simple rules on gambling etiquette. You’ll learn more as you watch and learn from experienced players.