How is baccarat played

Baccarat is known as the most exclusive of games at a casino. When you watch movies with well-dressed gentlemen with a martini glass in their hand, such as James Bond, then it’s probably baccarat they are playing. An exclusive game, intended for the rich, beautiful people, and with high stakes and high winnings, it is what baccarat is known for, and of course it is still an exclusive game, but not least through all online casinos it has also become a game which is now available to everyone. If you play baccarat at a physical casino, a minimum bet still applies, usually around $ 20, but then it is usually also possible to play mini-baccarat with a lower bet. If you play at a free online casino online , there is rarely a minimum bet for baccarat, so there you can bet as much as suits you.

The game is played with two fictional parties; we can call them hand one and hand two. The dealer deals the cards to these two. Two cards in each hand, and the cards are in both hands “face down”, ie they are placed dark so that you can not see them. When the cards are laid, you have to guess which hand wins. You can choose to bet that hand one beats hand two, or that it will be the other way around, hand two beats hand one. A third option that you can also play on is that both hands are equal, a draw, or tie as it is called in the casino world.

The points are calculated according to a special calculation method where the cards between 2 and nine have the value that the card stands for. Tian and the face up cards give zero points and aces give one point. A hand of eight or nine automatically becomes the winning hand, unless the other hand can show matching points. Then it will be a tie game, ie a draw. With such a result, you will get your bet back, and will not lose any money. Baccarat is a game that is suitable for both beginners and really advanced and skilled players because a dose of luck can pay off. Sometimes really high winnings are handed out in the game, but there is also the opportunity to build up a solid bankroll by winning many small winnings. Playing often and a lot is a good way to get an eye for the game, but this is also a game where it is important to take a chance and go for the gut feeling.