Popular Casino Myths

Myths can be defined as an imagination that exists without any verifiable or scientific evidence that exists in the minds of the people over a long period. There are also some myths that do exist in case of casino games that are created by some players. These myths have no truth in them than the standard urban legend. Some of the common myths are as follows:


Hot and Cold Games: There is a popular myth that if the slot machine or table is running good to the player is quite hot and if not it is quite cold and is usually avoided by the incumbent players. However, there is no such thing as hot or cold tables or slot machines. The games played on these tables or slot machines are entirely random based and therefore the winnings are dependent based on probability and not luck.


Counting Cards is illegal: It is a myth that counting cards is illegal when playing black jack but it is not the case. Most of the managements of the online casinos do not approve of counting cards and therefore they ask the player to leave the casino when he or she counts the cards even though it is legal.


Tipping the Dealer better will give the Player Better Cards:  This myth is a misconception that arises when player thinks that tipping the dealer in the best way will help the player in winning the game. Usually the casinos use a shoe to shuffle or swap out the decks after a fixed amounts of hands and in some cases as per the situation of the game use as many as eight decks of cards to play at once. The dealer in this case will not be able to provide the player with better cards and therefore it is a myth that tipping more generously to the dealer will lead to winning the game.


Myth that Casinos only provide complimentary Programs to Big Players: This is a myth as the truth is that complimentary programs are offered to players at all stakes and some of the free services provided by a casino might not be even recognized as a complimentary program. For example, all the players sitting at a table long enough will be served free drinks or cigarettes without regard to their playing in high or low stakes.