Withdrawal Methods

There are mainly two ways to move money between bookmakers and from bookmaker and further out to you. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages. There are also different fees associated with both different bookmakers and the different methods. As a general rule, bookmakers send you money which means that there will be a fee for exchanging. An example is if you withdraw 1,000, then it is not necessarily 1,000 that comes into the account. The fee is somewhat variable anyway, and there are ways to avoid it as well.

Bank transfer is one of the best known withdrawal methods, and is something all bookmakers offer. Basically, this method is the same as depositing with a bank card. The bookmaker sends the money to a third party, who sends it to your account. The advantages of this are that it is safe and relatively effective. In recent times, however, the lotteries authority has made progress in ensuring that foreign gaming companies do not get such good terms and has therefore put in place legislation that allows banks to stop transfers from foreign bookmakers.

The industry has partially solved this by switching third parties, but there is always a certain risk that your withdrawal will be stopped. Then you have no choice but to wait a while before you can try again. Therefore, you should consider all withdrawal methods, so that you have an overview when you want to withdraw or move the money. An e-wallet is basically a bank account, which is linked to the company where you have your e-wallet. Those who are familiar with paypal know the system which is the same as used by companies like neteller and skrill. The advantage of an e-wallet is that you can quickly and efficiently move money from one bookmaker to another.

Depending on which bookmakers you use, you can expect to have your withdrawal processed and approved in an hour or two. Then you are ready to make a deposit to another bookmaker. This way you can effectively move funds between bookmakers, and play online casino where you get the best odds. The vast majority of bookmakers also do not charge a fee for deposits or withdrawals to skrill. This makes it an affordable method to use. Withdrawals to a bank account vary slightly whether there is a fee or not. With skrill or neteller, it is possible to order a prepaid mastercard that works in the same way as a regular bank card. Here you can use the funds available in the account, without fees. That way, you can withdraw money at the ATM or use it in a store, without losing anything to the exchange fee or other fees.